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      • Borough of Hounslow Useful Links.  This contains a list of links to various Borough of Hounslow and Hounslow Highways websites relating to matters of interest to residents and sites to report problems
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    • About GERA
    • Aims and Objectives
    • History of Area.  A longer and more detailed History of the Glebe Estate is available in the Member Area.
    • GERA Privacy Policy
    • Introduction to House Logs and Histories.  A tool for you to use to record important information about your house/home and details of its history.  Full access to the tool can be obtained by members from the Members Area after logging in
    • Police advice.  Advice from the Police on
      • Burglary.  Advice on
        • how to prevent this happening
        • What to do if you have a burglary
      • Cyber crime, on line fraud, and scams
        • Advice on these difficult issues including a link to the police advice leaflet on
          • How to avoid this things happening
          • What to do if you have been scammed
          • A list of organisations offering help and advice on these important issues
    • Tide Times. 
      • Details of the heights and times of tides at a number of locations in the area
      • Links to real time information of the current state of the tide
      • Local FLOOD ALERTS
    • Hogarth Trust and Centre.  Details of the Hogarth Trust and its wonderful local centre.  It is a charity offering sporting and leisure activities to the youth of the area as well as using its space to enable other organisations to offer a wide range of activities to the whole community.  The page provides full details of what the centre offers together with contact details to all organisations using its facilities.  It also includes details of how to donate to this wonderful charity to help it continue its exciting work
    • Details of how to join GERA together with an Application form.  Applications are welcome from all who live on the Glebe Estate (owners and tenants alike), non resident owners of property on the Estate and those running businesses located here.  Applications are also welcomed from all near-by neighbours interested in the Estate's wellbeing
    • Drop us a note if you have a question using the details on this "Contact Us" page



The Members Area can be accessed after login.  if you have forgotten the login details including the password, please contact the Committee using the Contact Us page on this site.

    • Committee email. Email addresses of Committee members
    • Members' Events
    • Constitution.  The Constitution of the Association
    • AGM Minutes.  Minutes of recent AGMs
    • Accounts.  The accounts of the Association in recent years
    • Early History.  A longer and more detailed History of the Glebe Estate than is included in the public section of the site
    • House logs and Histories.  Full details of how to use this helpful tool to record important details about your house/home and provide a record of its history.



Please contact using either of the following email addresses. 

For general contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

For membership This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.