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GERA's current membership year ends on May 31. Renewal notices have been distributed to all current members, but if you did not receive one, or have misplaced it, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that another one can be delivered to you.

If you are not a member of the Glebe Estate Residents' Association and would like some information about us, do send an email to the above address and I'll get back to you.

Sylvia, GERA Membership Secretary

Winter Party December 2016

GERA's annual winter holiday party was a great success - mulled wine, mince pies, tasty nibbles enjoyed by all who came along to join in the festive evening.  The group of 30 GERA members that evening showed they definitely know how to party!!

Thanks to to the Duke of York landlady, Tina, who provided us with private space for our party.

We hope to see you at the next members' get together that the GERA Committee is planning for sometime in the Spring - our annual quiz night.  Details to be sent out when we have a confirmed date.


The annual Summer party for GERA members took place on September 18 at the home of GERA member, Margo Jales.  The party was a great success with, to everyone's delight, the weather co-operating.  Members attending brought a wide variety of delicious finger foods and beverages for all to share. 

Thank you Margo for offering your home and garden in which to hold GERA's Summer party.


Please note the following new email addresses which have replaced those previously used. 

For general contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

For membership This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Winners 2016 Ebb and FlowThe third annual quiz night, held at the Duke of York pub on 25th May, was a great success. Over thirty members, in five teams, attended. The new landlord, Stuart, acted as quizmaster and one of GERA’s Committee members set the questions. As she was unable to attend, this did not give her an unfair advantage!

The winning team was Ebb and Flow who received a bottle of champagne as their prize. In addition, GERA donated £50 to their choice of charity – the London Air Ambulance, and we have received a letter of thanks. Well done and thanks you to Ebb and Flow.

The runners up were The Duke Road 50-Somethings who were presented with a bottle of wine.



Whether you are already a GERA member, or if you are considering becoming a member of GERA, please know that each and every one of you is important to the Glebe Estate. To use a cliché, “there is strength in numbers”.

If you are a member of GERA, and have renewed your 2016/17 subscription, we thank you.  If you have not yet renewed, please remember that your 2015/16 subscription expired on 31 May – so do send your payment as soon as possible.

If you are not yet a member, download the membership application form and return it either by email or by hand (addresses on the form).

The more residents who are members of GERA, the more it will be able to accomplish for all who live on the Glebe Estate.

Any questions?   Please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the Contact form on this website.


Many pharmacies are under threat of closure, and Chiswick could be affected, so do go to the following website and read how you can support your local pharmacies  www.supportyourlocalpharmacy.org   Click on "number of ways" at the end of the first page and it will take you to a petition that you can sign.

The Curve near Chiswick Roundabout

Keith Garner the Planning consultant for Kew Gardens, has launched an on
line petition against the Curve, the 32 storey high rise flats near to
Chiswick roundabout, explaining that it will not only alter the historic
heritage of Brentford Chiswick and Kew but will affect the skyline from
along the Thames and further afield and become the precedent for other
high rise schemes under the banner of the Great West Corridor Review
Plan now being processed by Hounslow Council.

He says that the petition has not yet started to take off and that *hundreds of signatures* are needed quickly.

For more information, click below




2015 HOLIDAY PARTY with 2014 photo

The GERA annual holiday get together was held on December 16 at the Duke of York pub on Fraser Street.  Thanks to Caroline and her helpers behind the bar for helping to make the evening a success.  And thanks to the 38 GERA members who came to the party and who enjoyed a glass of mulled wine (or soft drink), mince pies, and various nibbles with the compliments of GERA. 

We were all so busy enjoying ourselves that we forgot to take photos - apologies for using one from the 2014 holiday party.  We'll do better this year!!



Matthew Williamson and Thomas Burgess from Hounslow Borough’s Recycling Department attended the GERA AGM in October. Below is a note of their remarks and the following discussion on the Borough’s future proposals for waste collection and recycling.

They explained that

  1. The current system is being reviewed in the light of the upcoming end of SITA’s contract for waste collection
  2. It has been decided that Garden waste would no longer be collected at no charge. From the 1st April 2016, the collection of garden waste will be optional. If residents wished their garden waste to be collected, there will be an annual fee of £50. The collection will be fortnightly. Residents will be given an option of having either a separate wheelie bin or 2 new sacks for waste storage ahead of collection. An information letter on this topic will be circulated by the Borough in December to all Residents.
  3. It has been decided that there will be no change to the weekly collection of compostable food waste using the existing containers.
  4. General non-recyclable waste. An option is being considered to move this service to a fortnightly basis. If this was done, then residents will be offered the choice of having a larger bin in which to store a fortnight’s accumulation of rubbish. No decision has yet been reached on this matter but a decision may be made at the December 2015 meeting of the Borough’s Cabinet. It is unlikely to be implemented before November 2016 at the earliest.
  5. Recyclable Waste (excluding food waste). Two options are being considered for the future. Either the current system of separate containers will be maintained. If this option is chosen, the collection will move to a weekly basis for all recyclables. Alternatively, the Borough may decide to change to a comingled recyclables collection with all material being placed in a single container which will be a further wheelie bin. In these circumstances the collection will be fortnightly and residents will be offered either a small or large bin to contain the material. No decision has been made and an assessment of the pros and cons of each system is currently underway and not yet completed. It was made clear that, if the second solution is chosen, there will be a reassessment of the ability of each house’s front garden to accommodate 2 wheelie bins rather the current one bin. If it was considered that there was insufficient room for two bins in any location, alternative proposals will be made for the storage of this waste including the possibility of sharing bins.


Among the points made from the floor in the subsequent discussion were the following

a.   Many members explained their view that the best option for general waste is the use of black bags that are collected from individual properties – the system that was used before wheelie bins were introduced. Members explained that several residents were still doing this and their bags are being collected by the operatives. Further, where wheelie bins are used, the operatives remove the bags from the bins (which are left in situ) and carry them to the lorry rather than wheeling the bins to the lorry. This has the benefit of speedier collection reducing traffic congestion and avoids problems of having to manoeuvre the bins between closely parked cars.

It was explained by the Hounslow representatives that these procedures are against Hounslow policy and against the terms of SITA’s contract. Hounslow will not change this policy because of the health and safety aspects of not using bins to take rubbish to the lorries.

b.  Concern was expressed at the prospect of having a second wheelie bin on each property if the comingled recycling proposal is adopted. It was noted that there will be a further assessment of the ability of properties in the area to accommodate a second bin but the concerns were expressed despite this. Further, if a resident wished to use the garden waste option and chose the wheelie bin alternative, a third bin will have to be accommodated in the very small front gardens on the Glebe Estate. This will have harmful aesthetic consequences as well has being very difficult if not impossible to manage.

The officers indicated that they would report back the comments made and opinions expressed at the meeting and indicated that, if anyone wished to write with further comments, these will also be passed on to those in charge of formulating the evolving policy in this area.

The discussion was concluded with a vote of thanks to Matthew Williamson and Thomas Burgess for attending the meeting and updating the Association on current thinking.


Huge thanks go to Margo Jales (GERA Committee member) for hosting our Summer Party at her lovely home on Devonshire Road.  Thanks also to those who brought a dish and beverage to share.  On a beautiful summer's day the party was enjoyed by about 30 GERA members.   Here's to the next time !!

 Summer Party 2Summer Party 3