The Glebe Estate Residents’ Association (GERA) is deeply concerned about the revised plans for the proposed Cycle Highway through Chiswick.


The new proposals do nothing to address the restrictions on entering and leaving the Estate and its surrounding area that were inherent in the original design – in fact they make them worse.


The September 2017 scheme proposed making Duke’s Avenue one way southbound and Duke Road one way northbound.  This will force traffic entering the Estate from the west through the narrow service lane of Bourne Place where it will be mixed with lorries, vans and cars traveling north from the A4 along Duke’s Avenue which will be forced through Bourne Place to reach Chiswick High Road.  This increase of traffic levels here will lead to considerable congestion and back up of traffic into Duke’s Avenue and the High Road junction.

The new proposals make two further changes to these arrangements. 


  1. Traffic will be unable to turn right out of Duke Road. Thus all traffic from the Estate along with all traffic from Duke’s Avenue and the A4 wishing to travel east along the High Road will have to travel along the convoluted route of Duke Road, Glebe Street, Devonshire Road, Ingress Street and Annandale Road to get to Chiswick High Road.  This will be deeply damaging to the narrow and quite residential streets of the Estate, severely damaging to the environment and will disturb a way of life that has existed for nearly 150 years.


  1. Eastbound traffic on the High Road will be restricted to one lane near the junction with Duke’s Avenue. Since this junction will be the only point to enter both Duke’s Avenue and Duke Road to enter the Glebe Estate from the west, it will have significantly increased traffic flows particularly at peak hours.  The reduction to only one lane is a perverse proposal which will create chaos as traffic waiting to turn right into Duke’s Avenue will block emergency vehicles, buses, lorries, vans, and cars trying to travel east along the High Road


GERA will be making strong representations to TfL on its plans. 

  1. It will be repeating its earlier recommendations made on the original proposals for an additional set of traffic lights at the High Road/Duke Road/Fisher Lane junction which would remove the need for these damaging changes.  SEE ATTACHED
  2. It will make new suggestions which are being developed to help the situation for local residents and enable the community to live with this new Cycle Highway with less disruption than might otherwise be the case.


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