LINKS to HOUNSLOW BOROUGH and HOUNSLOW HIGHWAYS web sites to report a problem, find a policy or access other information

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London Borough of Hounslow

Hounslow Consultations. Links to current Hounslow Consultations on policy changes are HERE

Hounslow’s “find my nearest…” web site is HERE. It covers services such as Education, Children and young people, Leisure and Health, Council Services and the Community

Hounslow's Report it site is HERE.  From this site or using the links below you can lodge a report to Hounslow on the following matters

Fix My Street service for Hounslow. Click HERE for a third party web site that forwards reports of street problems reported on this web site direct to Hounslow Borough. It probably should be used in conjunction with/in addition to the Hounslow Highways “Report a Problem” service (see below)

Planning Applications.

Hounslow’s site for searching for planning applications is HERE  You must accept the Terms and Conditions tab before proceeding but when this is done, click on “Search Planning Applications” on the Next page. From the page that then displays you can search

  1. by application number (if you know it)
  2. by address or just post code
  3. by type and/or date and combined with Planning Area or Ward if required.



Hounslow Highways

 Hounslow Highways’ “My Works” site is HERE.

It provides details of planned and previous works to Street Resurfacing, Pavement Replacement and Street lighting replacement programme – 2013-2017.  This map is now obsolete but below it there is a link to the current programme


Hounslow Highways - Report a Problem via web site is HERE 


Use this site for any issue within Hounslow Highways' responsibility

Click on "Chiswick" in the second horizontal menu (right hand end) and then click "Report It" at the top of the page on right.  Then scroll down and click on "New Enquiry".


Hounslow Highways Twitter account

Report a problem or sign up for information on their current works.



Hounslow Highways’ Trees Policy is available HERE.  This site has a link to a pdf file containing the current tree pruning programme

A set of “faqs” from Hounslow Highways on its Tree Policy are HERE


Potholes and Paving Trip Hazards Repair Policies and Reporting

Hounslow Highways' Pothole policy is HERE

HH's standards are available HERE with minimum sizes and depths before a pothole or trip hazard will be considered serious enough to be repaired.

Further information on Stardards is available in a pdf document that can be downloaded HERE

Potholes on roads and pavements and trip hazards on pavements should be reported to the HH’s Report It web site HERE


Street Cleaning

Hounslow Highways’ Street cleaning policy is HERE

This site has links in an horizontal menu near the top of the page to further detailed policies and, in some places, timetables for

    1. Deep Cleanse of Streets.  For more infrmation see below.
    2. Dog fouling
    3. Fly tipping
    4. Graffiti and fly posting
    5. Removal of dead animals
    6. Leaf fall
    7. Weed treatment
    8. High profile routes

Hounslow Deep Cleaning of Streets

Housnslow Highways has a policy of deep cleaning of selected streets from time to time.  This is a good policy but it does mean that all cars must be moved from the streets before the scheduled date of the operation.  Seven days warning of cleaning is given by posting notices in the street but if longer notice is required, Hounslow Highways Deep Cleaning programme can be found HERE  Deep Clean FAQs are HERE


Leaf Cleaning

Hounslow Highways’ leaf cleaning policy is HERE