Glebe Estate Residendents' Association


Do you know the Glebe Estate Residents’ Association is working hard to represent all residents of the Glebe Estate?


Do you know that, without GERA’s representations to change the proposals for the Dukes Avenue junction with Chiswick High Road, Chiswick’s cycleway would have forced a extra traffic load to be routed through the Estate,


Do you know that, without representations made by our founders, Hounslow Council would be putting tarmac on all of our pavements?


Do you agree we have a special opportunity to continue to promote and protect the sense of community and identity of our Glebe Estate?

 If you live around here or are interested in the area

Join now


Open to all residents on the Estate – owners and tenants alike - and all near-by neighbours interested in the Estate's wellbeing


The Glebe Estate Residents’ Association (GERA) has a dynamic committee of residents from across the Glebe Estate working on your behalf.  Since its foundation 7 years ago, GERA has been involved in a number of initiatives including

Ongoing monitoring the roads and pavements repair/replacement programmes and lobbying of Hounslow Borough to improve performance.

Ongoing monitoring the tree replacement programme, planting spring bulbs around trees and lobbying of Hounslow Borough to improve performance.

A successful campaign to persuade the Council to retain curbside sorting of recycled waste.

Organising “litter pickers” in each Street to help keep the Estate clean and tidy

Arranging for the Estate’s original street signs to be cleaned and painted

Arranging events such as social get-togethers, quiz nights and summer parties

Responding to Borough Consultations on the restrictions placed on Devonshire Road parking and access to the Glebe Estate as well as changes to the junction and parking configurations in Duke Road.

Successfully lobbying TfL and LBHounslow to secure necessary amendments to the proposals for the Chiswick High Road cycle highway to ensure through traffic is not diverted into the Glebe Estate disturbing its tranquillity.

Updating Residents on proposals for the Glebe Estate to be designated a Conservation Area.


New members receive a welcome pack with a history of the Glebe Estate as well as the latest GERA newsletter.

Individual membership £10.00

Household membership £15.00

 Annual registration runs from 1st June – 31st May


For any questions regarding membership please email to Sylvia, GERA’s membership secretary,

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop a note at 47 Glebe Street.


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