The idea of the Glebe Estate Residents’ Association (GERA) stemmed from the huge enthusiasm for our history and the community spirit generated early in 2013 by the Protect Our Pavements (POP) campaign to prevent the replacement, by Hounslow Council, of our paving slabs with tarmac. GERA aims to maintain and enhance the distinctive and historic character of our area by keeping residents informed of local issues and making our voice heard in Council consultations affecting us.

The objectives of GERA are:

1. To help preserve and enhance the character of The Estate.

2. To promote the sense of community on The Estate.

3. To inform residents of The Estate of plans or events that might possibly alter the ambience of The Estate and its surroundings. This will include liaison with the local Council, planning committees, drainage and all other local and statutory authorities, voluntary organisations, charities and people with similar aims to those of the Association.

4. To increase knowledge and appreciation of The Estate and its surroundings.

5. To comment on planning applications and other proposals that affect The Estate and its surroundings.