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GERA has agreed with Nigel Walley’s company Chimni make available to members Chimni’s House Log and House Histories project.


The object of the House Log facility is to offer users a single web based record system to store and keep together all details about the user’s home.


The software is a new tool that can significantly change how we run our homes in this increasingly complex digital world.  It can bring together all information relating to our homes and includes

  1. Secure storage for legal and purchase documents.
  2. Details relating to house extension projects including planning & building control documents.
  3. An online dashboard giving immediate access to all account information for utilities, insurance companies, and other service providers. It includes simple reminders and messaging services from these different bodies.
  4. Quick access to all household information, instructions, locations and telephone numbers needed in emergencies.
  5. A set of fun activities - from house histories to room personalisation.
  6. The House History section includes information on how to research the history of your home, store your information and share it with neighbours and other groups if you so wish.


If you are a member, for more information, please log in to the members area and click HERE to access the House Logs and Histories tab in the members’ section of this site.

If you are not a member and live on the Glebe Estate London W4, please JOIN HERE to obtain access to this exciting online tool as well as to all the other benefits that GERA can offer you.

If you do not live on the Glebe Estate but have an interest in the area, please contact our Membership Secretary by emailing to this address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.