The Charity runs the Hogarth Youth and Community Centre independently from the London Borough of Hounslow (LBH).  The transitional funding from LBH was used up in 2019 and the Charity now needs funding support.  Despite a successful licensing programme for its surplus space, the Charity relies on grants and donations given a funding deficit of some £50,000 per annum, made worse by Covid-19.


This Centre enables children to do and see things that would otherwise never be an option for them. In turn, that makes them less vulnerable to taking the wrong direction – and that must be important for all of us who live in the community.


“Chiswick is a relatively affluent area, but there are still areas of real social deprivation on our doorstep which we can do something about. Our aim is to provide a safe place for those young people to play, learn, meet friends and to help them make the right choices at a critical time their lives. We provide a safe and nurturing environment”, says Chair of the Charity, Fred Lucas.


Councillor John Todd says the Centre plays a crucial role. “There are hidden pockets of deprivation in Chiswick” he says. “The Centre offers comfort and security to children and parents, some of whom are very poor. They have the opportunity to do and see things they wouldn’t have the chance to do otherwise. Having somewhere to go makes these kids less vulnerable to the temptations of drug-dealers and gangsters”.


If you would like to support the amazing work carried out by the Charity, you can:

  • become a Friend of the Hogarth;
  • volunteer as a helper;
  • commit to a regular donation scheme;
  • make a one-off donation.


Whatever you choose to do, please contact either the Chair Fred Lucas - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

or, the Centre Manager Dani Karas