Recently there have been a number of burglaries on the Glebe Estate


The police recommend you take the following actions to help protect yourself and your property

1.If you see anything suspicious, REPORT IT.

    1. In an emergency call or if you see a crime actually being committed call 999
    2. For non-emergency reports call 101
    3. Hounslow Police – 020-8247-6160
    4. Crime stoppers to report something anonymously – 0800-555-111
      1. Local Neighbourhood Policing Team – 020-8247-6415
      2. Victim support – 0845-30-30-999

2.What to do

    1. If you suspect someone is in your home while you are outside it
      1. Don’t go inside.
      2. Call the police immediately on 999 from a safe place.
    2. If you are in your home and you suspect a burglar has entered or see a burglar leaving
      1. Do not challenge them.
      2. Call the police on 999 from a safe place.
    3. If the burglar has gone.
      1. Don’t touch anything.
      2. Call police straight away on 999.
      3. Check with your neighbours to see if they saw anything suspicious.
      4. Contact your insurance company.
    4. Always give as much information as you can when making a report – see below

3.What to report

    1. Suspicious people
      1. Gender
      2. Age
      3. Physical appearance
      4. Clothing description
    2. Vehicles
      1. Registration number
      2. Type, make and model
      3. Colour
      4. Any other distinguishing features – damage, logo, stickers etc.

4.What can you do to protect yourselves, your home and your property


      1. Keep your home locked at all times whether you are in or out.
      2. Keep emergency telephone numbers in an easily accessible place and keep a copy of the number list in your bedroom if you have a phone there or nearby.

b.Your home

      1. Fit quality deadlocks to all exterior doors and windows. Remember side doors and French windows/sliding garden doors.
      2. Keep all hedges and trees trimmed so that the house is clearly visible from the street and burglars have nowhere to hide.
      3. Leave a light on in the house when you go out at night.
      4. Ensure all external sheds and garages are locked.
      5. Store all tools and ladders securely.
      6. Consider installing exterior security lighting activated by a time switch or movement activator. A light should illuminate the entrance and/or porch.
      7. Consider installing a burglar alarm.

c.Your possessions

      1. Keep car keys and all other keys out of sight.
      2. Mark your property (speak to the local police for advice on how to do this).
      3. Record serial numbers of all number items in your possession.
      4. Take photos of all jewellery and other items of high value – silver, pictures sculptures etc and keep photos in a safe place – possibly in a cloud account.
      5. Consider having valuable items engraved for ease of identification; remember bicycles too.
      6. Register all serial numbers with .
      7. Obtain widow stickers letting burglars known that you have an alarm and that your property is marked.