On Line Cyber Crime, Fraud and Scams


The Metropolitan Police have issued a new booklet of advice on Cyber crime, online frauds and other scams.  It is called The Little book of Big Scams

It can be viewed by clicking HERE or on the attachment icon below.

Although it is 48 pages long and quite a read, it is a comprehensive collection of advice on a range of different issues including

  • The risks of on line hotspots
  • The risks of on line shopping and auction sites
  • Computer software and service fraud
  • Romance and dating fraud
  • Recruitment fraud
  • Holiday fraud
  • Ticketing fraud
  • Online banking and bank card fraud
  • Identity fraud
  • Courier and cold calling fraud
  • Door to door fraud
  • Investment fraud
  • Scam emails

There is advice on how to avoid problems and what to do if you have been scammed.  There are also links to a range of organisations that can offer help and advice.

The booklet has a linked contents page to help find the information you need.

Download this file (The Little Book of Big Scams.pdf)The Little Book of Big Scams.pdf[ ]2059 kB