Thames Tides

Local information on Thames Tides is available at a website created and managed by GERA Committee Member Richard Jennings:

The site provides tidal information covering Chiswick (Chiswick Mall and Strand-on-the-Green), Putney and Brentford.  For each location, there is:

  • an annual tide table giving heights and local times of all high and low tides for the year
  • a summary of the highest tides of the year, and where flooding can be expected

(This information can be accessed by clicking on the link above and then clicking on Tide Tables in the left had menu.  Then scroll down to the location required and click on the information required)

- and two features that are easy to use on your smartphone:


The NOW page gives real-time information about the Thames Barrier, river levels in central London, fluvial flow (fresh-water river flow at Kingston), and the full text of any live flood alert or warning for riverside properties issued by the Environment Agency.